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Print Paper Book

Ink, Paper, Process, and
Endless Possibilities

MCAD’s Print Paper Book major offers students a hands-on learning experience across three disciplines: printmaking, papermaking, and the artist’s book. By investigating traditional processes, new technologies, and historical context, these students expand the definition, audience, and possibilities of these versatile media. Course offerings encourage students to develop formal skills and craft while actively questioning how images, objects, and information are conceived and disseminated.

Student standing with their in-progress work

Hear about the student experience

As a Print Paper Book major, you will:

  • Explore traditional, photographic, and post-digital processes of printmaking, papermaking, and bookmaking.
  • Investigate how images, objects, and information are conceived and disseminated.
  • Gain foundational and advanced skills in a variety of creative media.
  • Create a cohesive body of work based on your own creative methodology.
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Class Highlights

This Bachelor of Fine Arts program emphasizes a collaborative process of working on teams with students from all MCAD majors. Required classes include: 

  • Relief Printmaking and Monotype
  • Artists’ Books
  • Printmaking Expanded: Wallpaper, Wearables, Whatever
  • Dimensional Paper
  • Printmaking and the Public Sphere

After MCAD

There are many paths to explore with a degree in Print Paper Book. Potential careers include:

  • Art Programs Administrator
  • Print Production Artist
  • Bookbinder
  • Illustrator

“A professor recommended I take a print course to expand the vocabulary of multiples that I was developing in my work. After taking courses in the Print Paper Book department, I knew it would be the path I would follow for the remainder of my undergraduate career. ” –Jonathan Herrera Soto ’17, Studio Artist