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Portrait of Sanjit Sethi

Meet MCAD's President: Sanjit Sethi

Sanjit Sethi has over two decades of experience as an artist, curator and cultural leader. Sethi’s previous positions include Director of the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design at George Washington University, Director of the Center for Art and Public Life, Barclay Simpson Professor, and Chair of Community Arts at the California College of the Arts; and Executive Director of the Santa Fe Art Institute. Additionally, Sethi has taught at the Srishti School of Art, Design, and Technology; the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Sethi received a BFA from New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, an MFA in Ceramics from University of Georgia, and an MS in Advanced Visual Studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Sethi has been awarded numerous grants and fellowships, including a grant from the Robert Rauschenberg foundation, and a Fulbright Fellowship to India.

As an artist and curator, Sethi’s work has spanned different media and geographies. Past works include the Kuni Wada Bakery Remembrance; Richmond Voting Stories; the Gypsy Bridge project. Recent curatorial projects have included Spiked: The Unpublished Political Cartoons of Rob Rogers and the upcoming exhibition, 6.13.89 The Canceling of the Mapplethorpe Exhibition

Sanjit Sethi is the 19th President of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Executive Leadership Committee

  • Sanjit Sethi, President
  • Annie Gillette Cleveland, Vice President of Communications and Marketing Strategy
  • Melissa Huybrecht, Vice President of Enrollment Management
  • Mary Alma Noonan, Vice President of Finance/CFO
  • Robert Ransick, Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Jen Zuccola, Vice President of Student Affairs
  • Nick Raverty, Sr. Advisor & Director of Board Relations

2024/25 Board of Trustees

  • Chris Barry, Co-Chair
  • M.E. Kirwan, Co-Chair
  • Mark D. Pihlstrom, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Hunter Palmer Wright, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Sanjit Sethi, President
  • Kristine Anderson
  • Kobby Appiah '11
  • Laura Austrian
  • Bruce W. Bean 
  • Susan Calmenson 
  • Brian Childs
  • Tara K. Dev
  • Martha Dayton
  • Cy DeCosse ’52 
  • Elliot Felix
  • Jean Freeman
  • Greg C. Heinemann
  • Greg Hoffman ’92
  • Win Hornig
  • Heather Mattera
  • Greg McGee
  • Clinton H. Morrison
  • Marion Parke
  • Ken Piper
  • Roderic Southall
  • Batala McFarlane
  • Neil Tuli
  • Rosemary Ugboajah
  • Greg VanBellinger

Life Trustees

  • Bruce W. Bean
  • Susan Calmenson 
  • Cy DeCosse ’52
  • Clinton H. Morrison
  • Atherton Bean*  
  • Charles Bell*                  
  • Philip Harris*
  • Clinton Morrison*

Trustees by Virtue of Office

  • Sanjit Sethi, President

Trustees Emeriti

  • David Andreas*
  • Gail Blake 
  • Patricia Bratnober Saunders
  • William Byars
  • Thomas Colwell
  • John Cuningham
  • Sheridan Fenwick*
  • Shirley Fiterman
  • Michael Halvorson ’66
  • Paul Hile
  • Kent Hodder
  • Wayne Huelskoetter
  • Dean Koutsky ’57
  • Larry Lamb
  • James Larson
  • Mary Ash Lazarus
  • B. John Lindahl
  • Ken Lindgren*
  • Lee Lynch
  • Betsy Massie
  • Bradley Nuorala
  • Dwight Oglesby
  • Brian Palmer
  • Paul Pesek*
  • Craig Rice
  • Jim Ryman ’65
  • Terry Saario
  • William Sands
  • Diana Scheff
  • Rachael Scherer
  • Missy Staples Thompson
  • Gary Stern
  • Hideki Yamamoto
  • Sue Zelickson