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Class Policies

COVID-19 Vaccine Policy 

MCAD places safety at the forefront of our priorities. With this in mind we will require, with limited exceptions, all students, faculty, and staff who work or study on campus to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

MCAD's definition of "fully vaccinated" means that individuals must be up to date with initial vaccination(s) and booster shots, as recommended by the CDC and MDH. During the initial vaccination with Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, a person is considered "fully vaccinated" 2 weeks after the initial vaccination with Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, a person is considered "fully vaccinated" 2 weeks after they received their second shot and for 6 months past the date they received their second shot. People that receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are considered "fully vaccinated" 2 weeks after they receive their shot until 2 months after the date of the shot. After those times a booster shot must be obtained in order to maintain fully vaccinated status.

Along with all MCAD employees, students will be required to show proof of vaccination in order to access the campus buildings. If proof of vaccination is not received before the first class meeting, the student will be dropped from the class and provided with a tuition refund, minus the $25 cancellation fee and any materials fees.

We will also require that all students, faculty, staff, and visitors wear a high quality mask (such as an N95, KN95, or 3-ply surgical mask) indoors. This mandate is subject to change and includes all individuals regardless of vaccination status. Please see MCAD’s Covid policies for more information.

Exemptions due to medical reasons may be submitted for review as well as the threat and/or risk to other community members based on the following guidance from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC): The duration of the risk; the nature and severity of the potential harm; the likelihood that the potential harm will occur; and the imminence of the potential harm.

Cancellation and Transfer Policy

Students wishing to either:

  • Drop a class and receive a refund on tuition and fees
  • Transfer into another class during the same semester

must contact continuing education within the schedule stated below to be eligible.

Please Note:

  • Not all requests for refunds or transfers can be accommodated.
  • These policies are enforced regardless of the number of students registered for the class.
  • No class transfers or refunds are possible starting the first day of the class or thereafter. For classes beginning on Monday, students must notify continuing education of their desire to transfer before noon the previous Friday.
  • Class registrations may not be transferred between students.
  • Please allow up to two weeks for the processing of a refund.
  • Students may not attend a class without being pre-registered. Students may not "try-out" a class without registering. 

Cancellation, Transfer, and Refund Schedule

All cancellations and transfers are subject to a $25 non-refundable cancellation/transfer fee, which is calculated before any further refund is applied.

  • If a student cancels or transfers more than 7 business days prior to the class start date, full tuition, less cancellation/transfer fee, is refunded.
  • If a student cancels or transfers 7 or fewer business days prior to the class start date, 75% of the tuition, less the cancellation/transfer fee, is refunded.
  • If a student cancels or transfers the same day of the class start date or thereafter, no refunds or transfers are offered.

Illness or Medical Emergencies

Students who have been ill or hospitalized and wish for a special consideration to the cancel/refund policy must obtain a letter from a medical professional indicating that they are unable to complete their class. There are no exceptions to this policy. Refunds are prorated based on attendance.

Late Registration

Late registration for adult online and campus-based classes is allowed, provided that the student registers:

  • Before the second class meeting for a campus-based class
  • Within the first week of an online class

Late registration is not allowed for kids programs. Adult and teen students may register for most classes after the first class meeting. To register after the start date of the class, please contact continuing education at 612.874.3765. Late registration is not available online.


Any relevant discounts must be taken at the time of registration. Discounted amounts will not be refunded if the student neglects to select the appropriate discount when registering. 


Non-attendance does not constitute authorized cancellation or withdrawal. Please refer to refund policy and schedule above.

Prerequisites, Grades, and Credits


It is the student’s responsibility to evaluate whether their working skill and knowledge base is equivalent to the listed prerequisites. No refunds or transfers will be granted due to missing prerequisites, except according to the refund schedule above. Questions about curriculum may be directed to continuing education at 612.874.3765.

Grades and Credits

Continuing education classes may be taken on a non- or for-credit basis, depending on the needs of the students and the length of the class. Transcripts will not be established for students in non-credit classes, nor will students receive a grade. When a for-credit option is available for a class, students may change their status from non-credit to for-credit (or vice versa) until the start of the second class meeting (for campus-based or shorter than a full semester classes) or through week 4 for 15-week long online classes, or the end of week 1 for online classes shorter than 15 weeks, but not thereafter. When making the change from noncredit to credit an additional fee will be required. All students who enroll in classes for credit will receive a grade (A–F). After the second class, students who withdraw from a class or change from credit to non-credit status will receive a “W” on their transcripts. An incomplete grade is not available for continuing education classes taken, whether for credit or not for credit. All coursework for credit must be completed before the last day of the class. Students not completing graded work during the dates of the class will receive an "F." Students may contact the MCAD records office to request a transcript.

Letter of Class Completion

This letter is available for students who successfully complete noncredit classes in continuing education. The document indicates that the student attended and completed the class, but does not constitute evaluation of the student’s performance.

General Policies

Class Cancellations

Continuing education reserves the right to alter its curriculum, cancel classes for any reason including low enrollment, or change faculty without prior notice, when circumstances warrant.

In the event a class or workshop is canceled, continuing education will refund the tuition and fees paid or transfer the tuition into a class in the same semester that has not yet begun.

Continuing education assumes no liability for travel expenses or non-refundable airline tickets that cannot be used due to any classes or workshops being canceled, schedule changes, or any misprints in this catalog. Continuing education also assumes no responsibility for the cost of any other class registration that may be impacted by these cancellation (i.e. families who have children registered for a Children’s Theatre Company class during that same week.). All students accept full responsibility for personal injury and/or personal losses during the period of the class.

Please refer to the “Please Register By” dates as listed in the online class listings for campus-based adult classes. It is highly advisable to register for a class before the date listed in the online class descriptions so that continuing education can properly gauge the number of participants before a class must be called as go or no-go. Please note that the registration deadline is not a guarantee that a class will be canceled by that date if it is low enrolled. 

Financial Holds

Students with prior, unpaid balances with the college may not register for Continuing Studies courses until their financial obligations have been satisfied. For more information about financial holds, please contact Student Accounts @ 612-874-3654 or by email:

Age Minimums

Continuing education adheres strictly to age minimums. Students wishing to enroll in an adult general or online learning class must be at least the minimum age as specified in the online class description by the date the class begins. There is no age maximum for adult general or online learning classes, or Art Educator Workshops.

Facilities Fee

Some classes and workshops require the payment of a facility fee. This fee is used to cover the cost of equipment maintenance and commonly used chemicals, inks, paper, etc. in the studio areas.

Facilities Access and Use

Registration in continuing education classes entitles students to use only the MCAD facilities and equipment assigned to the class for which they are registered during the dates of the class. Students are expected to attend all sessions and participate in class in order to maintain their access privileges. Library privileges are also available to all currently registered continuing education students for a moderate semester fee.

Disability Accommodations

Please contact us in advance if you require any disability accommodations or have questions about our facilities. Some areas of the MCAD campus are accessible only by stairs. If this will present a challenge to you due to mobility issues, please contact our office in advance to discuss possible accommodations. Students who require ASL interpretation must register for the class and notify our office that they will need these services a minimum of two weeks before the class start date.

Required Supplies and Books

Some classes and workshops require the purchase of supplies and/or books. This is typically stated in the class description, either as a list of supplies to be purchased by the students or as a materials fee paid to MCAD for supplies provided by continuing education. The instructor will announce additional information about supplies at the first class meeting.

Inclement Weather

Classes will not be canceled due to inclement weather unless MCAD closes. If classes must be canceled, we will make every effort to notify current students via the email address provided upon registration. Students can also find this information at or by calling 612.874.3700.


MCAD photographs its educational programs for promotional purposes. Students and parents of students agree to be included in such photographs.

Student Work

All works created by students during a Continuing Education course at MCAD are considered the intellectual property of the students. Such ownership by students of the intellectual property rights in their own scholarly and artistic works are subject to the college and faculty rights to:

  1. make photographic or similar representational reproduction of student's work; and
  2. distribute, display, perform and otherwise use such reproductions.

MCAD Continuing Education students automatically grant to the college and its faculty the nonexclusive, royalty-free, perpetual and irrevocable rights to use student works as described above, for the noncommercial purposes of education and scholarship, exhibition, accreditation, development, alumni relations, promotion, and marketing; as examples of student work; and for inclusion in the college's permanent collection and/or archives.

Code of Conduct

MCAD reserves the right to dismiss a student when his/her actions show disrespect for other people or property.

Complaint Resolution Policy

If you are experiencing a problem with a continuing education class or workshop, please speak with the instructor first. If the problem goes unresolved, please address it in writing to the assistant director of continuing education at

Professional Certificates

Students may take up to three years to complete a professional certificate. All courses must be successfully completed (the equivalent of earning a C- or better) in order to count towards the certificate. There is no guarantee that certificate-seeking students will be guaranteed a spot in any class. No financial aid is available for certificate-seeking students.

On Campus Resources

Campus resouces for CE students taking in person classes