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Experimental Games

Game On!

Explore creative expression through games! MCAD's Experimental Games Minor empowers students to explore the aesthetics, technologies, and mechanisms that drive game design. The Minor encourages risk-taking while pushing the boundaries of expression through game design. Whether it's breaking ground on a new game genre, using games to explore contemporary issues, or prototyping a new type of gaming interface, the Experimental Games minor is a wonderful complement to your Animation, Media Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration, or other MCAD majors.

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As an Experimental Games minor, you will: 

  • Be familiar with the fundamentals of experimental games.
  • Discuss work within the context of the history of experimental games. 
  • Explore and deploy interactivity and game principles into real-time gaming environments
  • Use software tools to create 2D and 3D assets and animations for integration into experimental games.
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Class Highlights

Classes address game theory, vocabulary for discussing experimental and traditional games, specific software, game design, and increasing interactive complexity.

Required classes and electives include:

  • Experimental Game Theory and Prototyping
  • Coding Concepts 1: Expressive Computation
  • Game Engines
  • Experimental Games Studio
  • Specialization courses (sound, modeling, graphic design, animation, surfacing and lighting, creative writing, and narrative and storytelling) 

After MCAD

There are many paths to explore with a minor in Experimental Games.

Potential careers include:

  • Game Developer
  • Narrative Designer
  • Software Engineer
  • UI Designer
  • Web Developer