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Photography Concentration

through Many Lenses

In the photography concentration, students are exposed to the history and contemporary cultural impact of the photographic medium, in addition to its traditional techniques and current technologies. Engaging with the world, students explore interdisciplinary practices, supported by research, to advance their projects and foster their personal vision. Students work on location and in the studio as part of their coursework. They produce books, prints, installations, and images for social media, all in preparation for a lifelong professional practice as photographers.

Person looking at film negatives in the dark room

Hear about the student experience

As a Media Arts major with a Photography concentration, you will:

  • Investigate still photography in relationship to interdisciplinary media practices.
  • Acquire skills in both analog and digital photography, including large and small camera formats.
  • Master industry-standard software workflow for image production in print, screen, and book form.
  • Develop ideas through artistic practice and clearly articulate them through artist statements, grant writing, and verbal presentation.
  • Pursue contemporary exhibition and installation techniques that best present a personal vision.
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Class Highlights

  • Analog Photography
  • Studio and Set
  • Photo Book
  • Digital Photography
  • Photo Systems
  • Expanded Processes

After MCAD

There are many paths to explore with a degree in Photography. Potential careers include:

  • Fine Art Photographer
  • Commercial Photographer
  • Editorial Photographer
  • Social Media Specialist

“MCAD encourages you to be a weirdo, try things, fail, try again . . . you can't get that everywhere and I miss it.” –Joseph Kramm ’07, Co-Founder of JAR Studios; Professional Photographer