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Storytelling Power

MCAD’s Illustration majors express ideas through powerful, innovative images that entertain, inform, and evoke emotion. Traditional media, digital knowledge, and conceptual thinking are the building blocks of the illustration experience at MCAD. Just like you, these students are makers, thinkers, designers, collaborators, and artists eager to use their work to draw in and engage others–in a way that only they can tell the story. 

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Hear about the student experience

As an Illustration major, you will:

  • Sharpen your technical and conceptual illustration skills.
  • Explore traditional and nontraditional forms of illustration.
  • Become fluent with the latest technology.
  • Develop concepts into patterns and surface design.
  • Learn to clearly communicate ideas and tell stories.
  • Prepare for a professional career in illustration.
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Class Highlights

This Bachelor of Fine Arts program emphasizes a collaborative process of working on teams with students from all MCAD majors. Required classes include: 

  • Introduction to Illustration
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Digital Illustration
  • Professional Practice
  • Introduction to Art and Design History

After MCAD

There are many paths to explore with a degree in Illustration. Potential careers include:

  • Book Illustrator
  • Comic Illustrator
  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Concept Artist
  • Surface Designer

"Illustration was an easy choice when I realized how many things were under its umbrella: product design, children's books, editorial illustration, and so on. Being someone that's always had interest in different things, illustration was a perfect fit." –Megan Leitschuh ’13, Product Designer at Animal Adventure