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Student Clubs and Events

Drum circle during orientation

Student Events

Back-to-School BBQ. Black and White Ball. Spa Day. Thanksgiving Feast. Weekly Yoga Class. Zoo  Field Trip. These are just a few of the events planned throughout the year as a way for students to unwind, make new friends, and eat free food. What’s not to like?

Leadership Opportunities

Looking to build your leadership skills? You might consider curating a student-run exhibition, or becoming a front-line student advocate as a peer mentor, resident assistant, or Student Union member. The opportunities are endless.

MCAD Art Sale

A major perk of being an MCAD student is that you can take part in the country’s largest annual student art sale. Held every November, this beloved public event is an exciting time for students and alumni to fill the college walls with work for sale. If someone purchases your work, you walk away with cash in your pocket.

On-Campus Clubs

Karaoke Club or Zombie Appreciation Club, anyone? How about the Meditation Homework Club? MCAD is home to a plethora of student clubs, allowing anyone to get a break from the regular daily schedule, meet new people, and even learn a new thing or two. If none of the existing clubs spark your interest, you can always start your own. Check out current and legacy clubs at MCAD:

  • Animation Study Group
  • Anime Club
  • Art Activism
  • Bee Club
  • Black Artist Student Union
  • Campus Based
  • Comics Club
  • Cooking Club
  • Cosplay Club
  • Critique Club
  • Disabled Artist Student Union 
  • Filmmaking Club
  • Gardening Club / Plant Care Club
  • Jewish Cultural Club
  • Kahoot Club
  • Latinx Unidas 
  • Lo-Fi Movies to Study/Relax To Club 
  • Movie Night
  • Music Club
  • Quellective
  • Second Life Club
  • SOAP Poetry Club
  • Stitch N Bitch
  • Tabletops of MCAD
  • Thrifting club 
  • Video Game club
  • WYC (Wheel of the Year Club)
  • Zelda Fanclub