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Creative Entrepreneurship

Emboldening Creatives to Transform Businesses


Artists, designers, and business leaders need creativity, imagination, and technical skills to make an impact. Creative practices are increasingly contributing to the overall economy, meaningful employment, sustainability jobs, and innovative businesses. To add real value, creatives need to address economic, environmental, and social complexities emerging from globalization. The growth of jobs in sustainability and mission-driven businesses calls for leaders who are adaptable, collaborative, innovative, and action-oriented. 

In this program, students get hands-on experience to develop their creative and entrepreneurial skills. Using teamwork and collaboration, they gain the confidence to apply creativity to a project or business with transformative economic, social, and environmental results. As MCAD's only Bachelor of Science degree, and the region's only art and design college with this type of major, the offers opportunities to work on real client or community-based projects. It’s also the first in the nation to offer a concentration in climate entrepreneurship, an exciting practice of engaging stakeholders, refining their designs, demonstrating success in the market, and then deploying solutions for greater global impact. 

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Dual Degree!


MCAD is excited to offer a new Dual Degree Program where students can earn a BS in Creative Entrepreneurship and an MA in Sustainable Design over 11 semesters.

Students enrolled in the Creative Entrepreneurship undergraduate major who are accepted into the program take 15 credits (5 courses) in the Sustainable Design graduate program during junior and senior years. Following graduation from the undergraduate program, students move seamlessly into the masters program, completing an additional 15 credits (5 courses) over three semesters in order to earn the advanced degree. 

Hear about the student experience

As a Creative Entrepreneurship major, you will:

  • Develop your creative practice(s) along with proficiency in marketable skills, such as business ideation and development, design thinking, project management, futurecasting, and creative leadership.
  • Hone creative and critical skills to work independently and collaboratively. 
  • Experience working with external clients on local and global projects, gaining intercultural insights, and developing a professional network and portfolio.
  • Apply tools and methods to build long-term economic sustainability that balance the needs of people, planet, and profit. 
  • Use systems thinking, design thinking, and human-centered service design to create solutions for complex local and global problems.
  • Gain skills and experience to start a business venture, or work as a creative professional in the nonprofit or private sector.
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Class Highlights

Many of the Bachelor of Science program courses use a teamwork approach to simulate real working environments, and include problem solving and product development with external clients. Past clients have included Target, Red Wing Shoes, The Lake Street Council, and other corporate, non-profit, and start-up partners. 

Required classes include: 

  • Persuasion and Marketing 
  • Ideation and Process
  • Creative Economies
  • Self-Employment and Creating a Business
  • Funding Creative Ventures 
  • Project Management 
  • Designing Sustainable Futures


After MCAD

There are many paths to explore with a degree in Creative Entrepreneurship.

Potential careers include:

  • Entrepreneur/Creative Business Owner
  • Creative Director
  • Strategist
  • Account Executive
  • Project Manager
  • User Experience (UX) Specialist
  • Experience/Event Designer 
  • Video Production Editor/Producer


"The ES Program helped advance my artistic practice by fostering my entrepreneurial spirit. We designed solutions that were unique and impactful for our clients and for the communities we designed within." Justin Lees ‘23, Videographer and Product Engineer at Apple Inc.