Spring 2023 Commencement Ceremony | Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Spring 2023 Commencement Ceremony

Children's Theatre Main Stage
Annual Event
MCAD Spring 2023 Commencement

Join the class of Spring 2023 as they celebrate the completion of their degrees. The ceremony can also be viewed at mcad.edu/live.

Following the ceremony, please join us for the reception of the commencement exhibition in the Main Gallery, where work by graduating BFA and BS students is on display. 

Due to limited seating, tickets are required for admission to the ceremony. 

Commencement Speakers

Portrait of Sean Sherman

Commencement Address: Sean Sherman


Author and award-winning chef Sean Sherman will be MCAD's Spring 2023 Commencement Speaker and recipient of an honorary doctorate. A member of the Oglala Lakota tribe of South Dakota and recipient of three James Beard awards, he has been focused on the revitalization, evolution, and accessibility of healthy Indigenous foods throughout North America for over 30 years. He was named one of Time magazine’s top 100 most influential people of 2023.

Graduating Students

Master of Arts

Including Summer and Fall 2022 Master of Arts Graduates

Graphic and Web Design

Christopher Alday
Spring ’23
Los Angeles, California

Clarissa Baniecki
Summer ’22
Fort Worth, Texas

Fern Denne
Fall ’22
Saint Louis, Missouri

Megan Ann Hild
Fall ’22
Rutherford, New Jersey

Amy Jo
Spring ’23
Minneapolis, Minnesota
missamyjo.com | hey@missamyjo.com

Marni Kaldjian
Summer ’22
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Tamara McLean
Fall ’22
Green Bay, Wisconsin
tamaramclean.com | connect@tamaramclean.com

Sustainable Design

Kelsey Barajas
Spring ’23
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Maren Butenhoff
Fall ’22
Aitkin, Minnesota

Amanda George
Spring ’23
Robbinsdale, Minnesota

Tica Lubin
Spring ’23
Tahoe City, California

Ethan Mitchell
Fall ’22
Bloomington, Illinois

Molly Nemer
Spring ’23
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jennifer O'Connell
Spring ’23
Los Angeles, California

Luxme Patel
Fall ’22
North Carolina

Natalie Potts
Fall ’22
Portland, Oregon

Cindy Shi
Spring ’23
Oakland, California

Allison Tenn
Spring ’23
Chicago, Illinois

Master of Fine Arts


Eric Butler
Spring ’23
Orlando, Florida

Nick Chatfield-Taylor
Spring ’23
New Bedford, Massachusetts

Shilun Chen
Spring ’23
Huizhou, China

Rosario Parker Gordon
Spring ’23
Saint Louis, Missouri

Kara Faye Gregory
Spring ’23
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Yifei He
Spring ’23
Guangdong, China

Kay heino
Spring ’23
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Spring ’23
Lima, Peru

Lokho Kotile
Spring ’23
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Tianxin Li
Spring ’23
Shanxi, China

Yuanrong Li
Spring ’23
Cincinnati, Ohio

Anna Lyle
Spring ’23
Birmingham, Alabama
annalyle.com | annalyleart@gmail.com

MacKenzie Mitzuk
Spring ’23
Elk River, Minnesota

Lauren Nicole
Spring ’23
Santa María de Dota, San José

Yimin Pi
Spring ’23
Anhui, China

Amanda Ann Rose
Spring ’23
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Alexis Faith Schramel
Spring ’23
Guttenberg, Iowa

Abram Shriner
Spring ’23
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

emmy e smith
Spring ’23
5,430 elev

Angela St. Vrain
Spring ’23
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ivonne Yanez
Spring ’23
Mexico City, Mexico
behance.net/ivonneyanez_manthra | ivonneyanezart@gmail.com

Ali Yager
Spring ’23
Monticello, Minnesota

Bachelor of Fine Arts


Bennett Anderson, Drawing and Painting
New Hope, Minnesota

Bella Arnquist, Drawing and Painting
Santa Ana, California

Isabella Avedikian, Drawing and Painting
Chanhassen, Minnesota

@artofbellarose | bellarose.avedikian@gmail.com

Stella Banach, Illustration
Mantorville, Minnesota

sparklingstellaris.squarespace.com | stellambanach@gmail.com

Jack Barron, Animation
Houston, Texas

Hunter Bartlett, Illustration
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

hibartlett.tumblr.com | hbartlett729@icloud.com

Nicholas Jon Bianca, Graphic Design
Manalapan, New Jersey

Hazel Bidwell, Comic Art
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

moodieindie.wixsite.com/fort-tuna-art | moodieindie@gmail.com

Parker Charles Boisvert, Illustration
Edina, Minnesota

Zachary Brathwaite, Illustration
Brooklyn, New York

VizualSamurai.webflow.io | Vefer365@gmail.com

Liam Brubaker, Graphic Design
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Isabell Brumagen, Illustration
Mankato, Minnesota, 

isabellbrumagen.com | hello@isabellbrumagen.com

Skylar Bull Lyon, Print Paper Book
Madison, Wisconsin

skylarbulllyon.com | skylarbulllyon@gmail.com

Robert Carl, Illustration
Wilmington, North Carolina

rcillustration1.wixsite.com/rc-illustration | rc.illustration1@gmail.com

Sally Carr, Drawing and Painting
Wasilla, Alaska 

sallykcarr.com | sallycarrk@gmail.com

Min Choi, Comic Art
Maple Grove, Minnesota

@minfonica | minfonica@gmail.com

Tristan Crawford, Filmmaking
Elk River, Minnesota

Hannah Crupper, Graphic Design
Woodbury, Minnesota

Jill Daberitz, Illustration
Chicago, Illinois


Ngoc Doan, Comic Art
Eagan, Minnesota

ngocdoan.com | ngoc.p.doan@gmail.com

Emma Lee Maxine Dochterman, Illustration
North Liberty, Iowa

emmalmdart.wixsite.com/my-site | EmmaLMDArt@gmail.com

Tiffany Dresher, Comic Art
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

@trashchild.jpeg/ | tiffdresher18@gmail.com

Cade Duff, Fine Arts Studio
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Zero Blue Everhart, Comic Art
Longfellow, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Kennedy Fleck, Illustration
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

kennedycatrinaart.wixsite.com/my-site-1 | kennedycatrinaart@gmail.com

Carter Greene, Illustration
Edina, Minnesota

@soapy_toad | carterg5413@gmail.com

Bailey Gross, Comic Art
Greensboro, North Carolina

Abby Groth, Animation
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Mathias Grove, Animation
Red Wing, Minnesota

mathiasgroveart.carrd.co | mthsgrove@gmail.com

Eva Hanks, Graphic Design
Warsaw, Minnesota 

evahanks.cargo.site | eehanx@gmail.com

Alyssa Hannan, Illustration
Watertown, Minnesota

alannan13.wixsite.com/website | alannan13@gmail.com

Ren Harris, Illustration
Fort Dodge, Iowa

ren-harris.com | hren00419@gmail.com

Amy Hasbrouck, Comic Art
Great Falls, Montana


Alyssa Herrera<, Drawing and Painting
Worthington, Minnesota

alyssaherrera.art | alyssa.herr99@gmail.com

Megan Holck, Furniture Design
Omaha, Nebraska

meganholck.carrd.co | mholck180@gmail.com

Ngan Huynh, Illustration
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

nganelichuynh.com | nganelichuynh@gmail.com

Minneapolis, Minnesota

indepenndence.com | pennbarnesphoto@gmail.com

Ariel Islam, Drawing and Painting
Minneapolis, Minnesota

@arl__art | arielislam@icloud.com

Isamar Jaquez, Illustration
Lake Worth, Florid

isamarjaquez.wixsite.com/arts | isamarjaquez.art@gmail.com

Emryk Jensen, Animation
Portland, Oregon

hamryk.artstation.com | Emrykjensen@gmail.com

Dylan Johnson, Graphic Design
Mounds View, Minnesota

Sarah Johnson, Animation
Belle Plaine, Minnesota

Eli Kranz, Comic Art
Ridgefield, Washington

Angela Lechak, Comic Art
Saint Augustine, Florida


Emily Lewis, Animation
West Fargo, North Dakota

ivoryskiesart.wixsite.com/website | emilylewis685@gmail.com

Crystal A Lopez, Animation
Storm Lake, Iowa

Kip Lou, Comic Art
Rochester, Minnesota

kidkip.wixsite.com/kiplou | kidkippo@gmail.com

Emma Mason, Comic Art
Northport, New York

Kevan McClaflin, Fine Arts Studio
Birmingham, Alabama

Talulah R.M., Sculpture
Minneapolis, Minnesota

talulahrm.cargo.site | talulah.rm7@gmail.com

Kaitlyn Morrison, Illustration
Big Lake, Minnesota

tpc-artistry.art | Tpc.artistry@gmail.com

Norah Mortenson, Graphic Design
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Tammy Mussack, Drawing and Painting
Minneapolis, Minnesota

tmossback.com | tmossback@gmail.com

Ashley Nelsen, Animation
Eagan, Minnesota

Winston Novacek, Animation
Roseau, Minnesota

Lyssa Owens, Graphic Design
Eden Prairie, Minnesota
lysowens.cargo.site/ | lysowens@gmail.com

Wally Parsons, Illustration
Maple Grove, Minnesota

wallyparsonsart.wixsite.com/site | wallyparsons22@gmail.com

Kyle Perrin, Chaska, Minnesota

Carly Gallant, Drawing and Painting
Fayetteville, Arkansas

carolinagallantart.wixsite.com/carolinagallant | carolina.gallant.art@gmail.com

Joanna Quick, Fine Arts Studio
Coon Rapids, Minnesota

joannaquick.com | joannaquick19@gmail.com

Lynn Ragsdale, Graphic Design
Franklin, Tennessee

@ragsdale_art | lynn.ragsdale15@gmail.com

Olivia Lee Reinhardt, Illustration
Saint Paul, Minnesota

olivialeeillustration.com | olivialeeillustration@gmail.com

Elyse Rennhack, Drawing and Painting
Reeseville, Wisconsin

James "Wyatt" Richards, Graphic Design
Saint Paul, Minnesota


Mitzy Rivas, Graphic Design
Miami, Florida
soymitzy.wixsite.com/mrportfolio | mitzy.rivas07@gmail.com

Matt Roster, Animation
Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

James Schallenkamp, Sculpture
Brookings, South Dakota

jamesschallenkamp.cargo.site/ | schallenkampjames@gmail.com

Alexandra Schmitz, Illustration
Dilworth, Minnesota

schmitzillustration.com | ga.schmitz3@gmail.com

Zander Skelton, Print Paper Book
Minneapolis, Minnesota

@zander_skelton | zander.skelton@gmail.com

El Starcher, Animation
Crystal Lake, Illinois

Olivia Seone Stern, Animation
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Luke Swenson, Drawing and Painting
Park Rapids, Minnesota

MizzWormhole.com | MizzWormhole@gmail.com

Star Swift, Illustration
Excelsior, Minnesota

starswiftillustration.com | starswiftillustration@gmail.com

Chance Tatum, Furniture Design
San Antonio, Texas

chancetatum01.wixsite.com/my-site | Chancetatum01@gmail.com

Dain Thompson, Illustration
Big Lake, Minnesota

DainsArt.com | DainThompson13@gmail.com

Kiana Tucker, Animation
kitoonist.wixsite.com/kitoonist | kitoonist@gmail.com

Shreya Tuladhar, Graphic Design
Kathmandu, Nepal

bit.ly/shreyatuladhar | shreyartuladhar@gmail.com

Kiaan Van Dusseldorp, Illustration
Pierre, South Dakota

kiaanvand.wixsite.com/mysite | kvandusseldorp@gmail.com

Johannes van Overbeek, Comic Art
Austin, Texas

Natalie Vilter, Illustration
Wausau, Wisconsin

navilter.wixsite.com/website | navilter@gmail.com

Mady Vrkljan, Animation
Saint Michael, Minnesota

Eliza Walcott, Photography
Wheaton, Illinois


Vivian Walters, Comic Art
Lyons, Michigan

Austin Watts, Animation
Kansas City, Missouri

Megan Weidenfeller, Animation
Hopkins, Minnesota

Kayli Woods, Illustration
Saint Paul, Minnesota 

kayliwoodsillustration.com | kayliwoodsillustration@gmail.com

Riley Wright, Illustration
Pearl City, Illinois

lineovermatter.com | line.over.matter@gmail.com

Emma Wysocki, Drawing and Painting
New Brighton, Minnesota

emmawysockiart.com | wysocki.emma@comcast.net

Cynth Xie, Illustration
Brooklyn, New York

Imani Younger, Comic Art
Columbia, Maryland


Bachelor of Science


Lux Fabre
Entrepreneurial Studies
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Kamryn Friedrich
Entrepreneurial Studies
Corcoran, Minnesota

Hallie Holtz
Entrepreneurial Studies
Saint Cloud, Minnesota

Justin Robert Lees
Entrepreneurial Studies
Bloomington, Minnesota

Zamira Mendoza
Entrepreneurial Studies
Saint Paul, Minnesota