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Admitted: Student Accounts and Billing

The MCAD Business Office provides tuition bills, sets up student accounts, and collects tuition, housing fees, and other charges and payments for all students. They also help with setting up tuition payment plans as well as bookstore accounts.

Students will be emailed important instructions regarding online access to their tuition bill and payment options after course registration.

Semester You Are Starting at MCAD Deposits Due Payments Due
Fall Semester
May 1 August 1
Spring Semester (January) November 1, prior year First Friday in January
Summer Semester* (June) April 1 May 20

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*Only applicable to students pursuing an MA in Creative Leadership; no other degree programs offer a summer start.

View Your Tuition Bill and Payment Options

To access and pay your tuition bill, you must first activate your MCAD login.


Once your student has completed the online FERPA Form, you will receive activation instructions from the MCAD Records Office, mailed to the email address provided by your student. 

Once parents have activated their own account, they will select their student(s) from the myMCAD Parent Dashboard, click on your student's name, and use the 'Launch MAX' link to view and pay tuition, pay a deposit, or activate/access a payment plan.

Parent account activation may take up to 24 hours to process, depending on when they are submitted. For faster processing, students are encouraged to complete activation requests during normal business hours, Monday through Thursday and before noon on Friday.


Once you have activated your MCAD user profile, you may log in to your myMCAD Student Dashboard and click “Launch MAXPay” to access your student financial information 24/7. Student account balance information, payment options, eRefund enrollment, and payment plan information may be accessed from the main page of your MAXPay account.

To authorize parent access, login to your myMCAD student dashboard and complete a FERPA Form for individual parents, and/or third party payers.

Pay Your $300 Tuition Deposit

Credited to your tuition upon enrollment

You will need:

  • Your MCAD username—Emailed to admitted students
  • Your MCAD Student ID—Emailed to admitted students
  • Your MCAD login password—Created during the MCAD login activation process
  1. Log in to your myMCAD Student Dashboard and click “Launch MAXPay”
  2. Select, 'Payments & Deposits" from the Main Menu
  3. Click, "Select" next to the Tuition Deposit item description
  4. Choose your method of payment and complete the payment process
  5. You will receive a confirmation email/ receipt once your payment has been processed. Receipt information is stored under "MAXPay & eRefund Transaction History", on the MAX Main Page.

MCAD has partnered with Allianz Global Assistance to offer GradGuard Tuition Protection coverage to students and families. Learn More.

International Student Tuition and Deposit Payment

MCAD has partnered with Transact Campus Inc. and Flywire to provide our international students with the option to submit electronic fund transfers seamlessly and affordably, directly through MAXPay.

When students login to MAXPay to submit a tuition or housing deposit or pay their semester tuition and fees, they will see the option to pay by International Payment. After selecting this option, they will select the country they wish to pay from. If the country is supported, Transact International Payments will automatically display the supported currency and the current exchange rate. The option to navigate to Flywire's external website will also be available so students can submit payments from countries not supported by Transact or to compare rates. For questions about using Flywire's international payment option, visit their Help Page.

Additionally, MCAD also offers International students the option to submit electronic fund transfers using PayMyTuition, a competitively priced third party service. To learn how to make a payment using PayMyTuition, visit their Help Page or watch this short video.

Authorize New Users to View and Pay Your Bill

You may invite other users (e.g. guardian, spouse, etc.) to view and pay your bill.

  1. Log in to your myMCAD Student Dashboard where you will be directed to the "FERPA Form" page
  2. At the bottom of the page, click the gray box titled "Click Here to Grant Access"
  3. Enter all requested information on both pages, including complete contact information for the parent or third party seeking authorization. Be sure to carefully select the information you wish to grant users access to.
  4. Parents/third parties will receive an electronic notification from the records office, delivered to the email address you provide, with detailed instructions for activating their MAX account
  5. Find more information about the Family Educational Right to Privacy Act of 1974 at Student FERPA Instructions/Parent FERPA Information

Set Up A Payment Plan (Optional)

In order to help students and families budget their tuition related expenses, MCAD offers a 5-month installment plan, known as the MAXPlan, each semester. The cost to enroll is $30 per semester. However, the college does not charge interest or finance charges in addition to the enrollment fee.

After all eligible financial aid has been applied to each semester's tuition, required fees, room, board, and required equipment charges (if applicable), the monthly installment plan will automatically calculate your monthly installment amount based on 5-equal payments, the first of which is due at the time of enrollment, on or before each semester's published tuition deadline.

Participation is voluntary and there is no penalty for early payment of your monthly installment agreement. Late fees are generated 10-days after the monthly installment due date and must be paid directly to the payment plan administrator (Transact Campus Solutions).

We accept all forms of credit or debit cards (transaction fees apply) or electronic bank payments directly from your checking or savings account (no fee for electronic checks using your bank's routing and account number). Participation may be suspended or restricted by the college for any reason at any time.

For questions or to learn more about the MAXPlan, email

Create an Art Cellar (Bookstore) Account

For your convenience, MCAD offers students and families the convenience of depositing funds into an Art Cellar account which may be accessed and replenished from your MAXPay account throughout the fall and spring semesters. Fall credit balances will automatically carry over to the spring semester and are refunded at the end of each academic year.

To add funds to your bookstore account, simply login to MAXPay and select "Make a Payment" from the left hand navigation menu. Enter the amount you would like to prepay and click, "Add to Payment" to complete your transaction.

Students receiving a financial aid overpayment may transfer up to $300 of their credit balance towards their bookstore account each week prior to the disbursement for financial aid. Please email to request a financial aid overage transfer to your Art Cellar account.

Dining on Campus

Whether you need a full meal or just a coffee to keep you running, the MCAD Cafe has you covered. Unique Food Solutions, MCAD’s food service provider, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner during the academic year offering a wide variety of fresh food options that are healthy and delicious on both our regular menu and through our daily rotating specials.  We do our best to accommodate those with special dietary needs and preferences, including offering a selection of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.  Learn more about the MCAD Cafe.

Resident Student Food Plan

MCAD recognizes the importance of healthy eating and easy access to food for academic success for students. While MCAD’s residential apartments provide fully equipped kitchens, MCAD also has an on-campus cafe serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks on weekdays during the academic year. To promote healthy eating habits, new incoming resident students are required to purchase a declining balance food plan to be used in the MCAD Cafe. The plan will be charged each semester along with tuition and MCAD apartment rent. Students may choose to add additional funds to the minimum plan.

By the first day of the semester, residential students will receive in their MCAD email a virtual MCAD Cafe card to be kept on their personal mobile device. The MCAD Cafe card operates much like an electronic gift card that can be used in person at the MCAD Cafe or on the mobile ordering takeout system. The virtual card allows for ease of payment, immediate access to card balances, and to add additional value to the card.

If a student withdraws from MCAD, they will be refunded following MCAD’s refund policy. If a student withdraws and the balance left in their food plan is less than the prorated refund, they will be refunded the actual remaining balance in the food plan account. 

The balance of the unused MCAD Cafe card will carry over from the Fall Semester to the Spring Semester; however, any balance of unused funds at the end of Spring Semester will be forfeited.

Exemptions from participating in this food plan can be found in the Food Plan Exemption Policy.

Cafe Declining Balance Meal Cards

While cash and credit cards are accepted at the Cafe, students are highly encouraged to purchase a declining balance meal card that operates much like a gift card. It provides a convenient method to pay for meals at the Cafe or through our online mobile order system. Visit to purchase a card.  While a physical card is available, we recommend students use the virtual cards that are kept on each student's personal cell phones for ease of payment, immediate access to card balances and to easily add value.  Alternatively, visit us in person during regular business hours and we can assist you.  Full refunds are available at any time by emailing or calling 612-874-3592.

How much should I budget each semester?

It depends on how often you visit us and on your meal preferences. Generally, a full meal and beverage costs $8.50 each. If you’re planning to visit us for lunch every weekday and a couple of times for breakfast or dinner each week, plan for a starting balance of $1000 each semester.  Again, it depends on your food choices and frequency of visits.

Financial Disclosure Agreement

All MCAD students pursuing a degree must validate their enrollment by completing the online Financial Disclosure Agreement form. This electronic form is a required document that must be completed before enrolling at MCAD for the first time in a degree program. The form will be available one business day after the tuition deposit is paid by logging in to

Questions about paying your bill? Contact the business office at 1.877.744.5219 prior to the bill's due date.