Required Food Plan for Residential Students | Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Required Food Plan for Residential Students

MCAD recognizes the importance of healthy eating and easy access to food during the academic year. While MCAD’s residential apartments provide fully equipped kitchens, MCAD also has an on-campus cafe serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. To promote healthy eating habits, all resident students will purchase a declining-balance food plan to be used in the MCAD Cafe. The plan will be charged each semester along with tuition and MCAD housing. Students may choose to add funds to the minimum plan. 

By the first day of the semester, residential students will receive via email a virtual MCAD Cafe card which should be kept on a personal mobile device. The card operates much like an electronic gift card and can be used in person or via mobile phone. The virtual card allows for ease of payment and the ability to view or increase the card balance.

If a student withdraws from MCAD, they will be refunded following MCAD’s refund policy. If a student withdraws and the balance left in the food plan is less than the prorated refund, the student will be refunded the actual remaining balance in the account. 

The balance of the unused MCAD Cafe card will carry over from semester to semester. However, any balance of unused funds at the end of spring semester will be forfeited. Learn more about dining at MCAD.

Exemptions from participating in this food plan can be found in the Food Plan Exemption Policy on, under the Student Life tab..