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Undergraduate Early Action Deadline Explanation

There are perks to applying early.

If you submit your undergraduate application and all supporting materials by MCAD's Early Action Deadline, you may be eligible for additional scholarship* opportunities.

MCAD Admissions Competitive Scholarship Program

All admitted undergraduate students are automatically considered for an Admissions Merit Scholarship based on a holistic review of the strength of your application materials and portfolio at the time of application. In addition, qualified admitted students meeting the Early Action deadline are automatically considered for another level of merit scholarship awarding through MCAD's Competitive Scholarship Program and are notified of eligibility with their admission letter. This competitive program awarding up to a full-tuition scholarship is offered to a limited number of admitted undergraduate students. Award announcements are made after a juried competition recognizing student achievement and talent and whose application materials show the highest level of skill, artistic voice, and leadership abilities. Additional scholarship in this competition ranges from $1,000 to full-tuition per year.

Laptop Scholarship

The Laptop Scholarship provides admitted undergraduate students with a free MacBook computer when they enroll at the college. The MCAD-configured Apple laptop computer is required for all new undergraduate students.

The undergraduate early action deadline is non-binding and allows you to apply and receive an admission decision well in advance of our regular decision deadline. You are not restricted from applying to other institutions and have until the posted tuition deposit deadline to consider your options and confirm enrollment.

Additional Information

*Scholarship Policies and Requirements

Students must have all admissions materials submitted prior to the posted deadline at 5:00 p.m. CST. This means that documents must be in the admissions office by this date, not in transition. Official transcripts are required.