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2010/11 Jerome Fellowship Exhibition

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Terri Fullerton, 2011
Terri Fullerton

The Minneapolis College of Art and Design, along with the Jerome Foundation, is proud to present an exhibition featuring new work by the 2010/11 MCAD-Jerome Fellowship recipients: Greg Carideo, Teri Fullerton, Julia Kouneski, Brett Smith, and Jonathan Bruce Williams. A catalog with essays by Jonathan Thomas, Twin Cities-based art critic and curator, accompany the exhibition.

Greg Carideo’s most recent photography series, slideshows, and videos playfully explore the tenuous distinctions between the real and the artificial. By constructing quixotic relationships between objects and their beholder—there are no fixed perspectives and content itself seems to be absent—the artist makes the act of perception into a game that has larger implications for understanding how we come to know the world around us.

Teri Fullerton puts basic human desires—a longing for intimacy and a sense of place—at the center of her photographic and video work. Her re-presentations of the images and texts generated by her personal online matchmaking experiences expose a vulnerability that is juxtaposed with a simultaneous engagement with her family, close friends, and childhood home in the Pacific Northwest.

Julia Kouneski’s performative work negotiates the boundaries of the self in relation to other objects, both animate and inanimate. The artist’s newest videos continue to push the limits of what is comfortable for herself and for the viewer. By relinquishing her physical control of a situation, Kouneski asks us to consider the somatic affects of outside forces (bodies or environments) acting upon us.

Brett Smith engages with theatrical modes of science fiction (as books and films) in ways that delight as well as disturb. His latest installations are hybrid spaces. Part movie set, part carnival fun house, they feel like simulations of themselves due to their scale and strange familiarity.

Jonathan Bruce Williams revives seemingly moribund photographic and film technologies to create new tools for making images. His research-heavy practice results in unique experiments with cameras, lenses, projectors, and light where most latent images reference the means of their production over their illusionism. 

These Jerome Fellows were selected out of a field of 322 applicants by a panel of three arts professionals. This year’s jurors were Jane Blocker, associate professor of contemporary art in the department of art history at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Oliver Herring, a Brooklyn-based multi-media artist, and Adam Lerner, executive director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver.

Exhibition Catalog


The Jerome Foundation dedicates all of its funding to further the careers of emerging artists. They support organizations and individual artists living in the state of Minnesota and the five boroughs of New York City.

Since 1981 the Jerome Foundation has generously funded these fellowships for emerging artists, which are designed to identify and support outstanding artists in the state of Minnesota at the early stages of their professional careers. Over the past 30 years over 150 artists have benefitted from this fellowship program. 


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