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Xingzi Liang

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Xingzi Liang


Areas of Study
Master of Fine Arts

MFA Candidate
MFA Merit Scholarship Award $2,000
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How are you going to celebrate your win?

I hope to celebrate this moment with my family and I will use this scholarship for my new projects next semester.

What kind of work are you excited to make next?

With the development of society and scientific technology, we are now in an era which is full of various data. Data visualization become a new design trend or direction in my research area. My next project will use visual language to present data and make them easier to be understood as well as more interesting and appealing to the audience. I will explore a possibility to interpret and present these data in two- or three-dimensional way.

What made you choose to come to MCAD for your MFA?

MCAD has a one-on-one tutor-based MFA program. At MCAD, instructors are very responsible and patient with students. This is the main reason why I was most attracted to study here. Meanwhile, the facility and studio spaces are better than some of the other art schools. I think MCAD is a reliable platform for future designers.

Favorite thing about the program or the community (so far)?

At MCAD, graduate students can audit undergraduate courses. Although my focus is graphic design, I can also learn screenprinting, animation, etc. These resources offer me multidisciplinary resources to explore the boundary of design. The community iatMCAD is so nice, everyone stays connected very closely in study and daily life. I have to say MCAD has the best international student service to answer and solve different questions.

See Tea by Xingzi Liang


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