What is a Self-Portrait? | Minneapolis College of Art and Design

What is a Self-Portrait?

MCAD Students Respond

Composite of self-portraits

Self portrait by Abby Vang

Self portrait by Kylee Johnson

Self Portrait by Maura Ojeda

"Any time you're asked to describe your work and you end up describing yourself."

self portrait by Ian Kim

Self-portrait by Sam Jamison

Self portrait by Peyton Stark

Self portrait by Tamar Patterson

Self-portrait by Aleina Bassi

Self-portrait by Karla Mellet

Self portrait by Ava Berry

Self portrait by Ksenia Arie

"A self-portrait is a great way to describe yourself without words."

Self portrait by Daquilin Sossen

Self-portrait by Mia Stratman

Self portrait by Grover Hogan

Self portrait by Eva Schranz

Self portrait by Paulina Luo

Self portrait by Emily Wilde

self portrait by Artur Un

Self portrait by Jessica Vang

"A self-portrait is something you have to do to get into MCAD!"

Do you have a self-portrait (or any other artwork!) you'd like us to see? Submit them for an online portfolio review to receive a helpful critique from one of our admissions counselors.

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