Thesis 2024 / Kevin Reid | Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Thesis 2024 / Kevin Reid

Image of one of Kevin's abstract paintings, that include large brushtrokes of bright acrylic paint.

     This work represents the ongoing evolution of my non-representational and abstract painting and sculptural practices over the past two years. Whereas previous work was based on forms derived from my iconography of ethical symbols, the current work merely invokes those concepts through the abstract forms I employ.   

     This project comprises five acrylic abstract paintings (three 60”x48” and two 48”x48”) and six welded salvaged metal sculptures ranging in scale from 2 feet tall and 40 pounds to 8 feet tall and 400 pounds.  Despite their differences in materiality, the painting and sculptures are both composed of non-representational forms that are intended to reflect and communicate with one another.   

     This body of work is in part informed by my experiences as a pain doctor and clinical-medical ethicist for nearly three decades.  It intends to stimulate emotional reactions, introspection, and contemplation in viewers. Hues of yellow and green are employed to evoke a sense of joy while blue colors invoke feelings of calm and peace. The form of a circle is widely employed in paintings and sculptures representing feelings of harmony and protection.  The complexity of layered paintings, choice of saturated colors, and their corresponding three-dimensional sculptural companions are reflective of  the commensurate complexity of the emotions they seek to stimulate which are also embedded in the practice of pain management and clinical ethics.

     Though audience interpretation is idiosyncratic for each person, this work aspires to evoke joy and child-like curiosity -  as well as other meaningful emotions and cognitions - in the general population. It is my hope that viewers will explore the similarities and relationships between painted and sculptural forms as well.

     Instagram: @regartliss

MFA Thesis 2024