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Savage's GroundGlass Featured in BombMagazine

September 20, 2022
Cover of Ground Glass by Katheryn Savage, it is a small white book against a muted blue background. On the cover of the book there are several pieces of broken patterned glass.

Faculty member Kathryn Savage has been featured in BombMagazine for her series of nonfiction essays Groundglass.

GroundGlass takes shape atop a polluted aquifer in Minnesota, besides trains that haul fracked crude oil, as Kathryn Savage confronts the transgressions of U.S. Superfund sites and brownfields against land, groundwater, neighborhoods, and people.

Drawing on her own experiences growing up on the fence lines of industry and the parallel realities of raising a young son while grieving a father dying of cancer with known environmental risk factors, Savage traces concentric rings of connection—between our bodies, one another, our communities, and our ecosystem. She explores the porous boundary between self and environment and the ambiguous yet growing body of evidence linking toxins to disease. Equal parts mourning poem and manifesto for environmental justice, Groundglass reminds us that no living thing exists on its own.

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