Richburg's Recent Artist Talk at MCAD | Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Richburg's Recent Artist Talk at MCAD

May 12, 2024
Deneane Richburg

Deneane Richburg and members of Brownbody recently gave an artist talk at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Richburg as the founder and Artistic Director of Brownbody has choreographed over fifteen works for the ice and stage. Growing up as a competitive figure skater, Richburg felt she had to “check her racial/cultural identity at the door.” Brownbody aims to redefine the possibilities of figure skating as previously confined to “white body supremacy” to engage the body in visual storytelling and liberate Black artistry through figure skating, dance, and performance.

Brownbody’s most recent performance, Tracing Sacred Steps, combines stunning choreography, music, and storytelling centered on Ring Shout—a sacred dance among enslaved black people. Brownbody is looking forward to their upcoming project in 2025, Infinite Slow Drive/Obsidians in the Wild.

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