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Renzella Launches Kickstarter for Woodcut Graphic Novel

December 06, 2021
Black and white woodcut cover of The Sunderland Volume II:Solitude ; Jon Renzella
Jon Renzella

Jon Renzella '06 is launching a kickstarter for his second woodcut graphic novel entitled The Sundarland Volume II: Solitude.

Solitude is the second volume of The Sunderland Trilogy. As with the first book, Schism, it was created entirely in woodcuts with digital text. It explores a world in which the major ideological subcultures have physically separated from one another, and the collective dissonance that ensues when an unexplained phenomenon occurs that each group interprets through its preexisting worldview. It is a commentary on both the current political and social climate as well as the human condition writ large.

The Sunderland Volume II: Solitude will be available on Kickstarter through December 30.

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