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Rath’s Notion of Beauty “In the Eye of the Beholder”

May 09, 2024
"The Other Side", Ed Rath

Ed Rath ‘74 showcases paintings and prints throughout his career in his new video, In the Eye of the Beholder, presented by the Center for the Arts of Homer in New York. 

In Rath’s new video, he discusses the evolving notions of beauty throughout art history. Beauty is integral in Rath’s work, whether directly responding to art history’s definition or portraying the beauty of a fleeting moment of a person or place. Throughout Rath’s career, he has taken inspiration from art history and his personal narrative, often drawing on significant memories. Rath feels the purpose of his work is to evoke feelings in the viewer through his dynamic field of imagery.

In closing Rath said, “Sharing their moments of ecstasy and agony, the individual artist's personal narrative fills the vacuum left behind, the hope being that our individual joie de vivre and suffering will translate as something others can not only identify with but use to navigate their own way through this existential labyrinth.” 

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