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Rantanen Exhibits at M 2 3

July 16, 2021
Sculptural work by Rantanen
Image credit: Crux Simplex by Chadwick Rantanen

Chadwick Rantanen ’03 is showing recent work, alongside artists Amina Ross and Sean Donovan, in exhibition 4 at the M 2 3 contemporary art gallery in New York.

The symbolic meaning of the number four reveals itself in ancient symbolism, art history, religion, and philosophy. The works by the three artists in 4 are comprised of multiple components. The numerical aggregate of these elements can be reduced to the single digit 4 - representing creation, stability, the body, the illusion of time, and earthly balance, as well as other concepts relevant to the exhibition.

On view through June 20, 2021
M 2 3 (New York, NY)

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