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Lock's The Nature of Shoreham Yards On View at the Weisman

January 19, 2022
Underpants #2, 2020. Bacteria and fungal diversity tested on-site through brief burial ; Gudrun Lock
Gudrun Lock

Faculty member Gudrun Lock's work The Nature of Shoreham Yards is on view in the Target Studio Gallery at the Weisman Art Museum.

The Nature of Shoreham Yards is an installation envisioned by artist Lock featuring the in-process work, research, and explorations of a motley collective of thinkers and makers. The focus of these efforts are the buffers of an active 230-acre train and trucking facility in Northeast Minneapolis, called Shoreham Yards. Both polluted and full of life, the buffers interface in dynamic ways with the neighborhoods surrounding them and are potent sites of potential transformation. 

Mundane, all but invisible territories of the city, the areas are central to the Mississippi Watershed and rich for re-imagining our relationship to colonialist expansion, historical pollution, contemporary consumption, and wildness. The installation in the Target Studio for Creative Collaboration will share in-process research in the form of objects, documents, data sets, visualizations, maps, illustrations, and photographs, including several objects on loan from the University of Minnesota’s Bell Museum. The Nature of Shoreham Yards will grow and change over the course of the show’s run with visitors encouraged to incorporate their comments and questions. 

The Nature of Shoreham Yards
January 19–May 15
Weisman Art Museum, Target Studio Gallery (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

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