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Hancock's Role as Costume Concept Artist for "Haunted Mansion"

January 30, 2024
Jen Hancock, Concept for Floating Singing Disembodied Heads

In an interview with The Art of Costume Podcast, Jen Hancock ‘19 gives insight into the costume concept art world and her role in Haunted Mansion

As a costume concept artist for Haunted Mansion, Hancock transformed general ideas for costumes (color swatches, fabric swatches, and initial sketches) into fully realized illustrations, giving costume designers a visual to sell their ideas to directors. 

“All of these characters had choices and decisions that they made in what they wore,” Hancock noted. From the different tones of black for the costume of Father Kent to the wooden clogs of Mariner Ghost, the costume creation for Haunted Mansion was researched, detailed, and informed by the characters' backstories. 

“Social media has made us all really accessible,” Hancock said, urging aspiring artists to take advantage of it. “I reached out to people that I admired and they responded.”

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