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Funk's 'Furious' Tattoo Festival Happening In Fargo

May 22, 2024
An image of Athena Funk's tattoo artwork as part of promotion for the Hel's Fury Tattoo Fest.

Athena Funk ’02 is going to be co-hosting a tattoo festival in Fargo.

Funk, who runs the Amarok Tattoo Studio in the populous North Dakotan city, will present Hel's Fury Tattoo Fest alongside Drekker Brewing Company, a local brewery in the area. The event, named after the Nordic goddess of the underworld Hel, will be held late May and early June, and will see 70 to 80 tattoo artists from across the country. There will also be judges and prizes for the best ink designs held at the event.

"It’s just like you would look at a piece of artwork," Funk explains to the local outlet High Plains Reader. "You look at the composition, the color palette, the lighting, how compelling the image is with all of that stuff combined."

Hel's Fury Tattoo Fest
May 31 – June 2
Brewhalla (Fargo)

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