Flink's Exhibition "Catch My Drift" On View | Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Flink's Exhibition "Catch My Drift" On View

July 03, 2024
Flink Catch My Drift Exhibition image

Minnesota-based artist Nathanael Flink '94 is showcasing his solo exhibition, Catch My Drift, at Wavelength Space in Chattanooga, TN. Running from May 31 to July 19, the hybrid exhibition features large paintings available online and smaller works displayed in the gallery. Flink's art, known for using found materials and recycled fabrics, reflects on American commercialism and urban living. His works, characterized by bright thread collages and various fiber materials, explore themes of vulnerability and nostalgia, offering a profound visual experience​. 

Catch My Drift
May 31–July 19, 2024
Wavelength Space

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