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Everett's Work Featured on Target Accessories

December 07, 2023
An image showcasing headphones designed by Ameen Taahir Everett.

Ameen Taahir Everett has recently had his artwork featured as part of Target's Heyday collection.

The graphic designer, based in Brooklyn Park and a digital media specialist for the city, had caught the eye of the Minneapolis-based retail giant via the artwork Everett posts on his Instagram page. Target commissioned him to create designs for their Heyday Collection of tech accessories, which features artists that "defy expectations by using visual styles to redefine voice, culture, and identity," according to the company's website.

"Art is a reflection of life," Everett said in a recent interview with the Star Tribune. "I hope kids can see themselves in my art. I am honored to be able to do something like this".

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