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Blankenship Founds Stearns American Distillery

January 04, 2022
Kitten sitting next to a bottle of Rye Whiskey  ; Jeremy Blankenship
Jeremy Blankenship

Jeremy Blankenship '03 has founded Stearns American Distillery, most widely known for their Stearns American Avon Rye Whiskey. 

Many months ago, Blankenship and his two business partners bought an old gas-station/garage at 112 Avon Ave. They began to refurbish the property into a distillery, but as the virus pandemic became worse, progress slowed down.

Currently, they are still redoing the building into what will be a “boutique distillery,” including a cocktail room where customers can enjoy a wide variety of drinks containing Stearns American’s Avon Rye (whiskey). The venture should be ready for full production in the summer of 2022.

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