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Barlow Exhibits "Record of Home/Hearts" at Saint John's University Art Center

February 10, 2024
Leslie Barlow, Nicole and Seth and their daughter (and daughter to be), in the kitchen, Oil and acrylic on panel, 60" by 48"

Leslie Barlow ‘16, MFA, is displaying her paintings at Saint John’s University Art Center in a solo exhibition titled Record of Home/Hearts.

Record of Home/Hearts combines paintings and videos from her 2021 museum exhibition, Within, Between, and Beyond, along with nineteen new works. The video component of Barlow’s exhibition displays the conversations between her and her subjects to give context to the people in her portraits. Barlow’s paintings tackle themes of ancestral and familial bonds, identity, and polyvocality— the notion that the voices of many can shift and sustain change. In a new series of portraits, Barlow intends to empower women of color in her life who identify as artists and creators.

“These are regular folks,” Barlow said regarding the subjects of her paintings in an interview for Saint John's University. “You may not know who is actually in the images, but my hope is that they’ll perhaps feel familiar, remind you of an uncle or grandma in your own life.”

Record of Home/Hearts

On display from January 23–March 1, 2024
Alice R. Rogers and Target Galleries in the Saint John’s University Art Center (Collegeville, MN)

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