2022 Merit Scholarship Recipient: Ngan Huynh | Minneapolis College of Art and Design

2022 Merit Scholarship Recipient: Ngan Huynh

May 07, 2022
A Cottage Dream illustration by Ngan Huynh

Senior, Illustration
Senior Illustration Merit Scholarship $4,000
Online Portfolio
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Describe the work you submitted for merits.

The work I submitted was mostly projects I made for my illustration classes. I love to create whimsical and colorful drawings that have a hidden narrative at their core. I promise to always sneak in some sort of storytelling within my illustrations because, without a storytelling element, my work wouldn't be complete. I like to pull inspiration from the things I encountered in my everyday life, mythology and stories, and cute animals.

Illustration by Ngan Huynh


Why did you decide to come to MCAD?

MCAD sponsored me with the most academic scholarships, and my Admissions Counselor during my enrollment to MCAD was very kind to me throughout the whole process. I never toured the campus before I moved into the MCAD apartments and enrolled here, but immediately I felt like I could belong here when I met my roommates and saw how wonderful the community is during New Student Orientation.

Illustration by Ngan Huynh

What are your plans for your senior year? And beyond?

I plan to get an internship this summer so I can focus my senior year on working on senior projects and building up my portfolio. I'm hoping to work in the field of book illustration or illustrated products after graduation. Next year will be my last year at MCAD, so I will try to enjoy and capture every single moment with my peers.

Illustration by Ngan Huynh

Favorite thing about college life (so far)?

Freedom! I get to make my own decisions and figure out who I am. My friends have been my biggest accomplishment, they are such kind and wonderful people. We have adventures together and that's really the best part ever. 

Google doodle by Ngan Huynh

What's the best thing you've got from MCAD's free shelf?

Argh so many things! I once got a whole box of premium sketchbooks and watercolor pads, it's unreal.

Illustration of moths by Ngan Huynh

What inspires you?

Colors and stories. They really are the best whimsical combination ever. I hope that is reflected in my work. :")

Illustration of a folk and fairytales fest poster by Ngan Huynh


Do you have a favorite piece you've made? Describe it!

My most recent work Readers’ Dreamscape has a really big part of my heart because it incorporates imagination, books, adventures, and cute animals. It was for my Advanced Illustration Seminar large campaign project. I have never tried the color combination of green and orange before but they work really well together along with my message so I hope to incorporate it more.

Illustration by Ngan Huynh

Anything you're obsessed with at the moment?

Hadestown! Such a good musical with mesmerizing songs!

Illustration of a mother and child in front of a harp with the poem " The Stolen Bairn and Sìdh"

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