Timothy McGee | Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Timothy McGee

MCAD's Morrison building on a partly cloudy summer day


Adjunct Faculty
MS, University of California Santa Barbara; BA, Colby College

Timothy R. McGee is chief biologist and designer at LikoLab, a biology and design firm in Seattle that learns from nature and makes things. LikoLab explores the interface between biology and design, helping organizations confront both the human and scientific challenges of emerging technology. McGee’s work spans broad challenges, from developing new ways to manufacture materials to enabling cities to build resilient systems for growth and development. He is also co-founder of Biomimicry New England, a non-profit that works to establish nature and natural systems as an important resource for education and innovation in New England. When not in the studio, McGee is often with his family hunting the woods for edible mushrooms, fiddling with camera equipment, or dipping his toes in the ocean.