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Shanna Ruyle

Portrait of Shanna Ruyle


Adjunct Faculty
MA, Minneapolis College of Art and Design
BFA, Oregon State University

Shanna Ruyle is a designer and teaches at Oregon State University for the Design and Innovation Management program and is currently a Co-PI on a VentureWell Faculty Sustainable Design grant supporting the Design for Society certificate. She received her Master of Arts in Sustainable Design from MCAD and a Honors Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications as well as a Permaculture Design Certificate from Oregon State University.

As a designer, Shanna has worked for multiple local, governmental, and global entities, including Nike, where she worked on designs for athletes, the Olympics, and a 10-year strategic Sustainable Business and Innovation plan. Shanna has earned over 20 local, regional, and global design awards for her work and has a passion for combining design, education, and sustainability in everything she does.