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Sarah Petersen

Portrait of Sarah Peterson


Adjunct Faculty
MFA, California Institute of Art; BFA, BA, University of Minnesota

Sarah Petersen's practice includes installation, performance, sculpture, painting, drawing, sound, video, writing, and the production of signs and signals that others can use to reconsider and intervene in social space. Recently, she's been exploring group humming in various contexts.

In addition to her arts and English literature education, she has trained in various embodiment and dance practices, cooking methodologies, small business practices, and spatial articulation strategies. She has also collaborated on numerous performances with other artists, dancers, musicians, and choreographers.

Her review of the exhibition Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art recently appeared in the summer 2015 issue of X-TRA Contemporary Art Quarterly, and her work has recently been shown at Occidental College, Perform Chinatown, Honor Fraser Gallery, Paramount Ranch Art Fair, Venice 6114, and the New Wight Gallery at UCLA—all in Los Angeles—and at the Edinburgh College of Art in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Petersen's current interests include: scarcity, emergent phenomena, and the tension between accidental embodiment and chosen enactment in our daily political lives.