Melanie Mozingo | Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Melanie Mozingo


MEd, University of Minnesota
BA, University of Minnesota

Melanie Mozingo is a National Board Certified Teacher and has been an artist and Educator for 21+ years. Mozingo is licensed K-12 and received her B.A. in Child Psychology and Educational Psychology as well as Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Minnesota. She previously taught at the Minneapolis Institute of Art and currently teaches at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul and in the Minnetonka Public Schools. She has taught visual art from early childhood, elementary, middle and high school to pre-service university students in public, private and museum environments.

Mozingo has worked in a secondary professional immersion program focused on photography, graphic and product design and marketing in the Minnetonka Public Schools where she has received recognition for child-centered excellence.

She is passionate about public and collaborative art and making art and expression accessible to all. She is currently working on a photography series documenting small acts of goodness through individual photos and stories at her current school.