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Liz Pangerl

Portrait of Liz Pangerl


Adjunct Faculty

Liz Pangerl founded Casa Valencia, LLC, in 2006 with a focus on experiential design, which she defines as a basic belief in the power of story to evoke an emotive response and the beauty of design to enrich the experience. By utilizing her retail, experiential design, and multicultural community relations experience, she has created multidimensional interactive solutions, which have empowered audiences, consumers, and communities. She has led diverse brand and communications efforts for American Express, Bank of America, Chase, Target, Marshall Field’s, Mattel Toys, Nickelodeon, Sony Wonder, Universal Pictures, and several nonprofit organizations, among others.


  • Multicultural Strategic Creative Direction
  • Experiential Design
  • Interactive Media
  • Web Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Visual Communications Design and Marketing
  • Retail Image and Branding
  • Corporate and Organizational Brand Identity
  • Packaging and Merchandise Design
  • Event and Entertainment Design