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Kiley Arroyo

Portrait of Kiley Arroyo


Adjunct Faculty
MA, University College Dublin
BA, University of Oregon

Kiley Arroyo is the executive director of the Cultural Strategies Council (CSC), a vehicle for interdisciplinary research, strategy, and institutional development. Established in 2007, the CSC promotes the essential role of culture, critical imagination, and futures literacy in equitable development, participatory democracy, and creative systems change. The CSC works with a cross-section of partners from government, civil society, academia, and the private sector to design and oversee comprehensive strategies, in the United States and internationally, and in urban, rural, and indigenous contexts. Interdisciplinary strategies are employed across all CSC engagements as a means to advance social justice by amplifying the voice, agency, and capacity of vulnerable groups. Her work is predicated on the belief that arts, culture, and creativity are the generative basis on which societies successfully engage with complexity and develop transformative solutions.

Prior to founding the CSC, Kiley served as a teaching artist, funder, strategist, and policymaker at entities including Demos, UNESCO, and McKinsey & Company. She is a a fellow with the Salzburg Global Forum and Just Economy Institute, and has completed advanced training in racial justice facilitation, embodied social justice, complexity theory, collaborative leadership, permaculture and agroecology.