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Daniel Anguiano



Daniel Anguiano is a dual citizen of Mexico and the US, and visits his second home in Merida, Yucatan often. His digital illustrations are influenced by the strong color palettes of the Yucatan Peninsula and the rich patterns and textures of the pre-Columbian, Spanish and contemporary designs of the region. His Mexican heritage informs the digital collages he creates that synthesize tradition and the information age.

Daniel Anguiano’s career in graphic design began in the late ‘80s, and his career paralleled the development of the digital age, having used the original Adobe products when they became available. He worked for large corporations like Lockheed Martin, Capital Cities/ABC Inc., and Knight Ridder Publishing before moving on to work with smaller agencies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and freelancing. Anguiano started teaching as an adjunct in 1999 while working full-time as a designer. He received a master’s degree in graphic design from SCAD and took a tenure-track position at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, TX in 2014.

He lives in Texas with his wife, Tamara (a dual citizen with Italy), and Coco, a female boxer.