Alicia Gibson | Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Alicia Gibson


Adjunct Faculty
Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Alicia Gibson holds a law degree from the University of Colorado School of Law and a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Minnesota. Her earliest academic training was at American University where she received a BA in international studies. She now works to connect these various threads of her training – peace studies, environmental and Federal Indian law, and genocide / war / literary studies – at the local level. With training in restorative justice beginning in South Africa in the late ‘90s where she studied the truth and reconciliation process and more recently in the Twin Cities area, Alicia is involved in a number of philanthropic projects from organizing neighbors on the block level to citywide police reform. Alicia writes commentary for the Minnesota Women’s Press and Mill City Times, is a board member for the non-profits Soo Visual Arts Center and MicroGrants, and finds joy and inspiration teaching writing courses at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.