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Aki Shibata


Assistant Professor
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Aki Shibata is a behavioral artist, educator, facilitator, and community organizer from Tokyo, Japan, now based in Minnesota.

In Shibata's artistic work she develops intersections for people in public spaces to discover their authentic selves and to nurture compassion for all. Her work is about finding a sense of belonging and finding ways to let people meet their inner peace. Her artistic practice involves the examination of body and mind in public and gallery spaces through exploring the behavior of human interaction and notions of performance.

She currently teaches visual art and participatory art in schools throughout the Twin Cities and facilitates Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access in Leadership (IDEAL) training with the Science Museum of Minnesota. In 2017 she founded the Primary School of Behavioral Art, where people come together to learn from each other and to work together to bring liberation for all through art.