Krista McCullough | Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Krista McCullough


Adjunct Faculty
Areas of Study
Web and Multimedia Environments

Krista McCullough is a technical artist working in the areas of digital games and XR applications. In her short professional career, McCullough has worked with companies such as Coca-Cola, the Minnesota Twins, and the Superbowl, creating award-winning interactive experiences that find the perfect balance of integrative advertising and play.

Along with her work in the advertising industry, McCullough has also worked on independently released games, showcasing at conventions like PAX East and Indie Island at GDC and nabbing selections for Indie MEGBooth and SXSW. Her current 9-5 exploits are focused in medical, helping healthcare companies develop interactive strategies to showcase advancements in medical technologies. In her free time, she likes exploring the math that makes art beautiful through functional and satisfying UI, colorful VFX, and some rad shaders.