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Alexis Schramel

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Adjunct Faculty
MFA, Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Alexis Schramel (she/her) is a queer experimental artist exploring relationships and collaboration within the intersections of social context and biomaterials. Her artwork has been exhibited in solo and group shows nationally and internationally including Waterloo Center for the Arts, Charles H. MacNider Art Museum, Tappan Collective in Leeds, England, and Leica 6x7 Gallery in Warsaw, Poland.

Alexis serves as a committee member, juror, and youth art director at Art in the Park in Elkader, Iowa. In addition to directing public projects and workshops for local youth, she also organized Art for a Lifetime projects for long-term care facilities. In 2020 she presented this research at the Gerontological Society of America Annual Scientific Meeting. Alongside colleagues, this research has most recently led to authorship of "The Ritual of Therapeutic Artmaking in Long-Term Care" which has been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Lifelong Learning in Art Education.