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Abbi Allan

Portrait of Abbi Allan


Adjunct Faculty
BFA, Alfred University and N.Y. State School of Ceramics

Abbi Allan's life work is about creating hybridizations between art and science. In college, she studied sculpture, mixed media, art history, and biology.

Allan has taught at MCAD since 2008 in the areas of fine arts and entrepreneurial studies, and she has also taught and developed classes at the Science Museum of Minnesota, College of Visual Arts, STAR Academy, Phipps Center for the Arts, and more.

Allan has run her own business selling her ceramic sculptures and other artwork since she was seventeen and continues to do so while constantly experimenting with new projects in a variety of media. Her own work examines the fragility of nature: both its beautiful resilience and power and the potential for grotesque accumulated affects when abused.

She also loves her Dobermans, gardening, making art, rock and roll radio, and really strange things that happen in our natural world.