Spring 2024 Commencement Ceremony | Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Spring 2024 Commencement Ceremony

Children's Theatre Main Stage
Spring 2024 Commencement

Honoring the Spring 2024 graduates; the Spring Commencement Ceremony will take place on Saturday, May 11 at 3:00 pm at the Children’s Theatre Main Stage (2400 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404). Following the ceremony, please join us for the Commencement Exhibition Reception in MCAD's Main Gallery, where work by graduating BFA and BS students is on display. 

Due to limited seating, tickets are required for admission to the ceremony.

Commencement Speaker

Commencement Speaker

Commencement Address: Seitu Jones

Artist and advocate Seitu Ken Jones has been tending the soil of community through art for more than 40 years. He has harnessed the tools of visual art, infrastructure, and civic engagement that links history to the present and honors the community’s historic figures, natural resources, and cultural traditions. Jones’ large-scale sculptural installation Turnip Greens was dedicated in 2019 in the Nashville Farmers Market, inspired by its bounty of food and Black culture. In 2014, he convened A Community Meal for two thousand people over dinner at a table in St. Paul. His site-specific installations for the Twin Cities Light Rail Transit system blend visual beauty with local history. In 2013, he co-founded Frogtown Farm, an urban garden created with and for neighborhood residents. A retired faculty member of Goddard College in Washington State, Jones holds a BS degree in Landscape Design and MLS degree in Environmental History from University of Minnesota. He has been a Senior Fellow in Agricultural Systems at University of Minnesota and a member of the board of managers for the Capitol Region Watershed District.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Grey Anderson, Animation
grey-arts.com | @grey.animation

Ellis Anderson, Comic Art
kazeryve.wixsite.com/kazeryve | @kazeryve

Isadora Androff, Animation

Michael Arachikavitz, Animation
linktr.ee/ekrixart | @ekrixart

(Taha) Tahatunhahelahawi Rayan Arnold, Comic Art
tahabiscuits.carrd.co | @taha_biscuits

Paige Arnold, Animation

Emily Augustin, Graphic Design

Abriana Simone, Illustration
asimone.net/ | @asimoneillustration

Hannah Rae Butala, Print and Paperbook

Niika Caine, Graphic Design
niikacaine.cargo.site | @seraphinacaine

Andy Carey, Animation

Tenaya Coles, Animation

Emma Crosby, Drawing and Painting
emmacrosby1.wordpress.com | @ybcrosby.art

Charles Branch Davis III, Comic Art

Emma Domen, Illustration
emmadomen.cargo.site | @emmajdomen

Charlie Douglas, Product Design

Lilly Drew, Filmmaking
https://ldrew072c.myportfolio.com https://www.instagram.com/_dr3wdraws/

Michael DuFresne, Comic Art

Nico Enstrom, Fine Arts Studio
nicoenstrom.myportfolio.com | @nicosart_nicosart

Payton Felper, Print and Paperbook

Indigo Felton, Comic Art

Richard Flores, Drawing and Painting

LOTTIE FRAASE, Graphic Design
monolarkey.com | @monolarkey

Isaac Furey, Graphic Design
isaacfurey.com | @isaacfurey

Rhys Gaer, Illustration
artstation.com/homemade_salt_art | @homemade.salt

Connor Gibb, Product Design

Taylor Goetsch, Illustration
tgoet.myportfolio.com | @tayburskunst

Joella Goyette, Animation
jgoyette.myportfolio.com | @goyejo

Lillian Graupman, Graphic Design

Sophia Groves, Fine Arts Studio

Hana Hartmann, Animation

Poppy (Cici) Hè, Illustration

Breanna Hickmott, Fine Arts Studio
breannahickmott.com | @loonandfish

Grace, Illustration

Ani Jamison, Comic Art
ani-jamison.com | @waywardsunlight

Kiera Joseph, Animation
kierajoseph.weebly.com | @kiwikoalaa

Leah Kehr, Illustration
leahkehr.myportfolio.com | @leahsartleahsart

Ian Kim, Drawing and Painting
ikim1db9.myportfolio.com | @iantheart

Kaitlin Klennert, Illustration
kaitlinklennert.myportfolio.com | @katieklennert.art

Allison Kolden, Illustration
allisonkolden.com | @allisauuce

Manteneh Koroma, Animation

Peter Krueger, Fine Arts Studio

Kaleigh Lagerquist, Animation
invaderkay.com | @invader.kay

Zia Lahn, Animation

Karen Lai, Animation

Baylee Larson, Animation

Naoto Lichtblau-Tepley, Comic Art
shoegomi.com | @shoegomi

Dennis Lin, Graphic Design

Kenzie Lindow, Illustration
kenzielindow.myportfolio.com | @kenzie.lindow

Sarah Longfield, Furniture Design

Isabelle Margan, Illustration
kayphtheknight.wixsite.com | @kayphtheknight 

Amanda Mattson, Fine Arts Studio

Rammy McKee, Illustration
rammymckee.cargo.site | @commanderrammy

Valentine Mott, Illustration
polturghost.com | @polturghost

Noor Mroueh, Animation
2moonbeam3.wixsite.com | @1_.moon._.beam._1

Miles Mullen, Photography

Kalley Nelson, Illustration
khncreative.myportfolio.com | @khn_creative

Sarah Nelson, Graphic Design

Breena Neubauer, Animation

Jay Newman, Drawing and Painting
3xsforluck.com | @threetimesforluck

Gavin Nixon, Fine Arts Studio
teemnixon.com | @teemnixon

Okechukwu David Okoronkwo, Product Design
mujoanomie.com | @mujoanomie

Ari Orsino, Comic Art

Sammi Ouellette, Illustration
sammisportfolio.godaddysites.com | @sammi_art_

Abby Owen, Photography

Jackson Parrish, Graphic Design

Maxwell Paulin, Fine Arts Studio
maxpaulin12.wixsite.com | @3maxpaulins

Celia Prom, Illustration
cprom.myportfolio.com | @promfolio

Lynaea Russom, Drawing and Painting
lynaearussom.myportfolio.com | @lyn.aea

Benji Salinas, Photography

Eh Ku Du Say, Filmmaking

Laurel "Yoyo" Scheel, Animation

Chase Schulte, Graphic Design
cschulte.cargo.site | @cchaseno

Luke Mars Smith, Comic Art
martianluke.com | @martianlukeart

Bug Sommerness, Animation
littlebugillustrations.carrd.co | @littlebugfantasies

Ariana Mai Stanchfield, Comic Art
glitchymai.carrd.co | @glitchy_mai

Tee Stewart, Animation
teeglitch.carrd.co | @teeglitch

McKayla Stieve, Illustration
mstieve8249.myportfolio.com | @kaylatheseahag

Carter Stine, Graphic Design
morecarter.cargo.site | @more.carter

Ren Stokesbary, Web and Multimedia

Jagoda Julianna Swallop, Comic Art
jjswallop3.wixsite.com/vampyard | @vampyard

Lucas Teasdale, Comic Art
sleepylucas.com | @outlawed.lucas

Douglas Thoms, Illustration
douglasthomsart.myportfolio.com | @douglasthomsart

Lily Tug, Fine Arts Studio

Indira, Comic Art

Lily Vernon Vanderwood, Fine Arts Studio
vernonvanderwood.com | @vernofthewoods

Tiffany Pavoua Vang, Comic Art
ricecakefactory.com | @tuff_vangu

Pa Nhia Vanessa Vang, Animation

Anthony Viray, Graphic Design
vrydsgn.cargo.site | @antwanbased

Ozzy Von Eschen, Comic Art
aslenv123.wixsite.com/ozzy-portfolio | @dekuman_crybaby_

Karrington Walker, Comic Art
karringtonw.carrd.co | @top_notch_turnip

Austin Watts, Animation

Fin Anton Weber, Comic Art
finweber.com | @finweber_