MFA Fall Show 2022 | Minneapolis College of Art and Design

MFA Fall Show 2022

Gallery Exhibition
2022 MFA Fall Show Banner

The Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) Master of Fine Arts program is pleased to present Fall Show 2022, showcasing the work of first- and second-year MFA students. Presenting 40 creatives working in wide-ranging disciplines, the exhibition will include painting, design, sculpture, video, drawing, photography, installation, illustration, printmaking, mixed media, and animation. It will take place in the MCAD tent next to MCAD’s main building. 

If you need any assistance or accommodations, please reach out at Need directions? Find out more about getting to and parking at MCAD.

Participating Artists

Lauren Alfaro
Malini Basu
Jesse Belinsky
Eric Butler
Nick Chatfield-Taylor
Shangyuan Chen
Shilun Chen
Wei-Wei Chen
Melanie Dowding
Rio Gordon
Elsie Gray
Kara Gregory
John Hallett
Gabby Hicks
Liz Hilliard
Eve [Yifei] Ho
Kay Heino
Shafrin Islam
Meher Khan
Lokho Kotile
Ria [Hayeon] Lee
Jesús Li
Joy Li
Tianxin Li
Junlan Luo
Anna Lyle
MacKenzie Mitzuk
Sarah Niksa
Rob Noland
Pi Pi
Layven Reguero
Kevin Reid
Amanda Rose
Victor Sanchez
Alexis Schramel
Abe Shriner
Emmy Smith
Angela St. Vrain
Ali Yager
Ivonne Yáñez 
Steven [Xiaorui] Yu