Made at MCAD 2024: All-Student Juried Exhibition | Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Made at MCAD 2024: All-Student Juried Exhibition

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Gallery Exhibition
Made at MCAD 2024

Opening Reception and Award Ceremony: Friday, March 22, 6:00–8:00 p.m.

This annual juried exhibition features the best work submitted by current MCAD students pursuing all degrees in design, fine arts, media arts, and entrepreneurial studies. Participants have a chance to win five $250 cash prizes.

Design jurorKimberly Rashad, Graphics Lab Lead, Juxtaposition Arts.
Fine Arts jurorKylie Linh HoangAssistant Curator at The M.

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Juror’s Choice Awards

Mikha Dominguez (Junior, Fine Arts Studio) 
Santa Maria
Mixed media
“This multimedia work is incredible in its depth. The embellishments emphasize the materiality and create a beautiful frame for the moody, overlapping portraits. The multiple rosaries and dripping candle wax juxtaposed with the flower crowns and the embroidery invite contemplation on representations of both religion and femininity historically” - Kylie Hoang, Fine Arts Juror

Sophia Groves (Senior, Fine Arts Studio)
My mother loved chickens
Charcoal on paper
“Through both the title and imagery of this work, I felt the artist was able to convey a whole world in a few lines of charcoal: I can feel the warmth of an older sibling's embrace, I can hear the gentle cluck of a content chicken. I imagine the animals were brought inside regularly and can feel their familiarity. My mother loved chickens is a work that I have thought about often since our first encounter.” - Kylie Hoang, Fine Arts Juror

Julia Meles (Junior, Sculpture)
Icon table
Walnut wood
“The end table because it is an exemplary example of craftsmanship. The creation of a fluid and abstract form with such a traditionally stoic material is a great example of breaking barriers and thinking outside of the box.” - Kimberly Rashad, Design Juror

Cindy To (Sophomore, Illustration)
Digital, photoshop
“It’s always important to draw inspiration from your culture. The colors and details throughout paint an amazing picture and successfully immerse the viewer into the piece.” - Kimberly Rashad, Design Juror

President’s Choice Award

Katherine Bockelman (Senior, Drawing and Painting)
Untitled (3501)
Photogravure on mulberry, graphite 
Each year MCAD President Sanjit Sethi selects the President’s Choice Award that exemplifies MCAD’s vision to “embolden creative leaders to collaboratively transform society through equity, empathy, and imagination.”


Participating Artists

Malini Basu
Gaby Beilke
Katherine Bockelman
Roman Buck
A. Simone
Hannah Rae Butala
Emma Crosby
Jocelyn De Lange
Julian Deyo
Mikha Dominguez
Nori Donais
Charlie Douglas
Melanie Dowding
PJ Fossen
Richard Flores
Sophia Fox
Connor Gibb
Taylor Goetsch
Sophia Groves
Maz Hawj
Stella Coyle Healey
Gabriella Heath
Brenna Hickmott
Bri Lage
Sarah Longfield
Avery Luthardt
Quinn McOwien
Julia Meles
Ella Moomey
Mya Moua
Jay Newman
Randy Papesh
Audrey Pike
Max Paulin
Benji Salinas
Kay Shook
Calvin Stoeger
Alex Stoner
Francesca Taylor
Ricki Terry
Cindy To
Lily Tug
Sofia Vasquez
Yi Wang
Victoria Wendrick
Katie Weston
Roman Zych