Creative Entrepreneurship Pitch Event | Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Creative Entrepreneurship Pitch Event

Auditorium 150
Pitch Fest Asset

Join ten undergraduates as they pitch their entrepreneurial startup ideas in 150 Auditorium on Monday, November 27, starting at 7:00 p.m. Almost like Shark Tank, each student will have just four minutes and ten slides to present an unmet need, their creative solution, as well as competitive and opportunity perspectives—then answer questions from the audience.

This Pitch Event is the culmination of Leading Creative Projects (Networking, Acceleration and Incubation), a new course within the Creative Entrepreneurship program. “We’ll hear pitches for software, haircare, services, platforms and more,” says Adjunct Faculty member Tim Brunelle, who teaches the class. “The students are following a traditional Silicon Valley pitch framework, and have received advice from a dozen entrepreneur guest speakers throughout the semester.”

The event is free and open to the public, and concludes with networking in the 150 lobby.

“Of course we’ve got Creative Entrepreneurship majors participating—from sophomores to seniors,” says Department Chair Olaf Kuhlke. “But we’ve also got Furniture Design and Cartoon Arts majors pitching startup ideas. The skills taught in this class, and the chance to pitch, provide pragmatic experience for all kinds of undergraduate majors.”