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MCAD Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Garden

The MCAD Sculpture Garden is a space for students to learn, experiment, and collaborate in the realm of public art.

Established in 2011, the garden is filled with both permanent and rotating works created by MCAD students, alumni, faculty members, and invited artists. Coupled with the course The Public Art/Art in Public Places, this space offers students the opportunity to explore the genre of public art by working with professional public artists to design and fabricate high quality works for outdoor display. They learn to design from concept to installation, including generating proposals and presentations, model building, material finishing, and rigging.

Located on the south end of campus along 26th Street, the garden invigorates not only the MCAD campus, but also the Whittier neighborhood as a whole, allowing the community to experience and appreciate art in their everyday lives.

MCAD Sculpture Garden Opening

Portrait of Donna MacMillan

The MCAD Sculpture Garden has been made possible in part by Donna MacMillan and the late Cargill MacMillan, Jr. Photo by Lani Garfield.

Merick Reed, 1 in a series, 2013, wood, paint
Merick Reed
Sculpture by Hillary Shepard
Hillary Shepard


Sculpture by Calvin Hafermann
Calvin Hafermann


Sculpture by Meagan Moffit-Finnegan
Meagan Moffit-Finnegan