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Northern Spark 2012

Concourse Gallery
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Northern Spark 2012


For Northern Spark 2012 the Minneapolis College of Art and Design has been transformed into a midnight playground—so stop by and play! A variety of interactive installations and gallery exhibitions will keep visitors awake for hours.

Gallery 148, MCAD’s student-curated exhibition program, is sponsoring four projects around campus. Visitors can make their way among a bouncing stream of glowing super balls in Lightfall, enter into the 8-bit world of Midnight Mario, create zines and play illuminated games at Spark in the Park, and delight in the improvisational and multi-sensory light and sound show Door to the River.

Above the entranceway to MCAD Gallery, discover a threatened bog ecosystem once prevalent in Minnesota with Reconstructing the Tamarack Rooftop Restoration. An outdoor spectral tamarack projection and indoor “field stations” accompany this rooftop installation by 2011/12 McKnight Visual Artist fellow Christine Baeumler. In the campus skywalk, alumna Keetra Dean Dixon has adapted the pedestrian thoroughfare into a collective swing installation. Swing Hall, Swing All is presented in conjunction with About Change, a group show that presents the transformative ideas and practices of a dozen MCAD alumni over the institution’s 125-year history.

Christopher Alday and Kate Thomas
Spark in the Park
North of the Morrison Building Entrance

Make a zine under the glowing “think” sign, and partake in luminescent games under the “wonder” sign. The two collide into a dance party on the hour.

Ryan Hughes and Matt Reimers
Door to the River
Morrison Lobby

Enjoy a live sound / video work that evolves and builds throughout the night. Cycling waves and rhythms overtake each other in this improvisational piece.

Peng Wu
Light Fall
Stevens Avenue Alleyway

Pass under a bouncing stream of glowing super balls, then take a seat at the bicycle conveyor belt to control the flow in this hypnotic installation.

Peng Wu
Midnight Mario
East of the MCAD Main Entrance

Drop into the 8-bit world as you jump and your shadow breaks a coin brick. Leap the robotic jump rope and you become Mario’s stunt double.

Christine Baeumler
Reconstituting the Landscape: A Tamarack Rooftop Restoration
Entranceway to MCAD Gallery

Discover an endangered landscape that challenges conventional green roof design and be awed by a spectral tamarack forest projection. The installation was made possible thanks to generous support from The McKnight Foundation, Smaby Family Foundation, Mississippi Watershed Management Organization, Barr Engineering,Prairie Restoration, Inc., and Plaisted Companies.

Keetra Dean Dixon
Swing Hall, Swing All

How do you like to go up in a swing? Up in the sky so dark? Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing you can do at Northern Spark!

MCAD Gallery Exhibition
About Change: MCAD Alumni and Acts of Transformation
Main Gallery

Learn how a dozen artists, designers, and entrepreneurs, all MCAD alumni, have transformed the cultural landscape, in Minnesota and beyond.

These projects are presented as part of Northern Spark 2012, produced by Northern