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Creative Entrepreneurship Department Missions and Outcomes

Creative Entrepreneurship

The Department of Creative Entrepreneurship offers a Bachelor of Science degree that challenges students to make connections between art, design, sustainable development, and business by working in professional collaboration with clients on real-world projects locally, nationally, and globally.

Students graduating from our Bachelor of Science program will be able to:

  • Describe the creative process from ideation to implementation and clearly define their own creative practice (IDEATION)
  • Identify theories of economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable business development and entrepreneurship and apply them in the context of developing their own business concepts and plans (IMAGINATION)
  • Demonstrate the application of  design thinking, human-centered service design, and experience design in the creative development process (IDENTIFICATION)
  • Evaluate the utility of various business design approaches in the process of developing solutions to complex cultural, environmental, and social problems (INTERPRETATION)
  • Plan, design,  test, and manage client-based projects within the scope of work, the time allowed, and the resources allocated (IMPLEMENTATION)