Peyton Stark | Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Peyton Stark

"Fisherman" illustration by Peyton Stark.


BFA in Illustration
Current Career
Contract Designer
Kansas City, Missouri

Describe the work you submitted for merits.

The work that I submitted for the merit awards is a summary of all the work I have made in the last year at MCAD. My illustrations feature digital and traditional work that tells a story through the imagery whether it be children's book Illustrations, editorial illustration, or surface design.

Why did you decide to come to MCAD?

I came to MCAD originally because of the uniqueness of the comics major but ended up finding my passion in illustration—although I do take some comics classes on the side.

What are your plans for your senior year? And beyond?

I graduate this coming fall and have only one Illustration class left to complete my major so I am looking forward to rounding out my skillset in other elective classes. Beyond MCAD I am planning on working in publishing, particularly in children's book illustration. My senior project is currently an original children's book that I can pitch to different publishers soon after I graduate. 

"Fire Spirit" book jacket design by Peyton Stark
Work by Peyton Stark