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Lois DeWitt

Collaged image by Lois DeWitt


BFA, Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Current Career

Lois DeWitt is the owner of the website free-online-art-classes.com and and YouTube channel Welcome to Palate and Pallete. Both are full of amateur, intermediate, and advanced classes in painting, drawing, printmaking, oil pastels, conte crayon, and more. She also offers short projects for kids and groups and even has bits on artful cooking, gardening, finding the artist within, and other subjects.

After graduating from MCAD with a BFA in Painting, then director Arnold Herstand enabled several students, including DeWitt, to enter the MFA program at Pratt Institute on a full tuition grant. DeWitt recalls this experience:

"The graduate program, at that time, has been installed in an old school building called Adephi. The desks were very small and the drinking fountains were very low. Doing assemblage, I was amazed to discover that had to borrow power tools from the maintenance engineers to complete my pieces. The shop at MSA had Mr. Mousseau and every available tool plus guidance. New York changed my life. At age 80, I remain grateful for having been granted that experience. MCAD LIVE LONG AND PROSPER."